I actually have no idea what this dish is. Basically, it’s just potatoes, water, salt, some cut onion and garlic, and cheese. I just boiled the potatoes, saute├ęd the onion and garlic, and when the potatoes are ready I just dumped them all into the pan along with a block of cheese and waited.

You might wonder why the potatoes are unpeeled. It’s ’cause the potatoes I used where the small kind (therefore, making it a nightmare to peel). However, take note that I am in no way advocating unpeeled potatoes, it’s entirely up to you to choose the potatoes you want to use. BUT, I do advise against potatoes that are greenish in color. It is unsafe to use those kind of potatoes.

Now I am not gonna lecture you on the why’s and how’s of that because first of all, I suck at explaining the intricacies and biology behind the unsafe green potatoes (which is why I didn’t become a teacher). Second, I believe people learn more when they are the ones searching for the answers. In my experience, the lessons “stick” more when I have to find the answers instead of being provided with the answers.

Whatever am I saying? I was just supposed to be here and share this unnecessary insight to what I’m eating. Anyways, let’s have a good meal everyone!

“Let’s go out.”


That, is my standard reply. I really don’t care who you are, if you ask me to go and frolic (e.g. go shopping, weekend trips, karaoke bars, etc.) I guarantee you I’ll be saying “NO” 99% of the time.

It’s not that I hate people. The simplest explanation for my refusals is this: I am a homebody.

I repeat: no, I don’t hate people.

It’s just that the thought of going out seems so tiring, especially when I’m already at home. Ask me when I’m already out though, like from work or something, chances are I’ll say yes (unless I’m needed at home).

Some might say that behavior like that is being anti-social, but I beg to disagree. In my understanding, being anti-social is well, to put it simply, being a person who hates people or being around people. I am neither of those. I’m just lazy in going out *cue self-deprecating laughter*.

Anyway, there are people like that who DO exist, you know. Some might find it weird (oh well), but here’s my opinion: as long as it doesn’t go over the unhealthy borders, then why not? Sometimes it’s good to stay home once in a while, enjoying the silence, and making use of that time for yourself.